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Friday, September 23, 2022

A Beautiful Sunset

 We were staying at my Boss's "Summer Place" up in the mountains and it was all so wonderful.
"Kaaren" had quickly found his favorite spot and almost every afternoon, he could be found sitting out on the veranda, looking out over the property, all the way to the green mountains beyond.
"It's what Heaven would look like", he said  when he first saw it.
I usually sat with him but sometimes I had to logon and do something to earn my pay.
I warned him not to stay in the sun for too long and came inside to do a little work via computer.
Afterward I took a break and must have dozed off.
When I woke I called out for "Kaaren".
He didn't answer.
I went out to the veranda, the sky was full of color, a beautiful sunset.
But my "Kaaren" was gone.
He had slipped away while I slept.
The Medical Examiner told me it was an aneurysm and there was nothing anyone could have done

But it was my fault.
I should have been there. I should have been watching over him.
But I wasn't, and my Sweetheart left me, and neither of us got to say goodbye.
It's been a couple of weeks since he's been gone and I am sorry I didn't let you know sooner.
But now you do.



Sunday, July 31, 2022

Happy Birthday Kaaren


 Today is "Kaaren's" birthday and I thought it would be nice if he received some happy birthday wishes from you.
"Kaaren" still doesn't have access to her electronics and won't have till, maybe next week, but I will show him your responses.
It's a special birthday this year as we both had our doubts about being able to celebrate it.
"Kaaren" is doing well. Rest and some exercise has been good for him.
The place we are is wonderful, and I will explain all that later.
But please, cheer him up, a simple Happy Birthday note would mean the world to him. 
And to me.

Mrs. K











Thursday, July 21, 2022



"Kaaren" wrote this a couple of weeks ago but never posted it for reasons that I will make clear soon. Just so you know what's going on.
We're both OK. Kaaren hasn't had access to any of his electronics for a few weeks and won't have access till we get home.
I want him to rest and I'm being pretty strict about it.
I understand all of your concern and I'm touched by the affection you all have for my sweet husband.
I will update this soon.
Mrs. K 

 So....I came home....
I was angry that she had ignored me.....
I was angry that I had to spend another night in the damned hospital....
But mostly I was angry that she ignored me....
When she came and brought me home in the morning neither of us had much to say....
And when we got home she told me that we had to talk....we couldn't leave it as it was....
So I met her in the living room and crawled up over her knees....I flipped my skirt up and left my panties on because...sometimes....when we talk she likes to leave them on....
She didn't spank me as I expected....instead she opened up to me about how the last few months had affected her....
She told me of the anxiety.....the fear....the helplessness she'd felt....
By the time she was done she was sobbing.....
It broke my heart to hear the sadness and fear she'd felt....
I was crying anger melted away as I put myself in her shoes....
She apologized for forcing me to the hospital but told me that she would do it again....she was afraid of losing me and would do what she thought best to keep us together for a long....long time....
Then she astounded me!!!
She told me to stand up and then to rake her place sitting in the chair....
Then she put herself over my lap.....and told me that I should make her feel my frustrations....she was ready!!!!
I put my hand on her beautiful bottom but I couldn't bring myself to spank her....
She was right to be scared.....she was always right.....and I adored her sweet bottom!!!!
I had seen her spanked by a few of her lovers over the years.....and I admit that I kind of envied them a little.....
But I couldn't......
Then I was sobbing.....

We went to bed together later and just held on to each other.....
Maybe it would be OK....
I still love her more than anything....more than my own life.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2022


I have known "Kaaren" since we were teenagers together.
"Kaaren" has suffered from asthma all of her life and I have seen incidents dozens, if not hundreds, of times.
But when it happened on Monday night I have to admit that I probably overreacted.
I told him that I was going to take him to the hospital and he told me that he wouldn't go!
I haven't encountered open defiance from him in so many years that I was taken aback!
He said it would pass, he used his rescue inhaler, but I didn't want to hear it and I physically dragged him to my car in the driveway.
I screamed at him to get his "sissy ass" into the car. I was stressed beyond the point where I cared about discretion!
The Doctor at the emergency room was already familiar with "Kaaren" and took him in right away.
He told me that it was a relatively minor asthma attack, and it was nothing to worry about.
They admitted "Kaaren" overnight "Just "in an abundance of caution".
"Kaaren" is furious with me and I readily admit that I went a little crazy.
I tried to say I was sorry but I think it fell on deaf ears.
And now after sitting and thinking about it, I'm not sorry. Not even a little bit!
Showing my concern is something I will not apologize for.
When I bring him home tomorrow we're going to have a long, long talk!



Sunday, June 19, 2022


"Kids....go fetch your no good tell him that I'm waiting for him....."
"Yes Mama!!!"


Friday, June 17, 2022


The game was going along fine until the man with the spinner called out....
"Right hand pink!!!"
Then it all went to hell!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2022

10 Seconds

"There you have 10 seconds to guess which of the girls these belong to...if you're right we'll try the next pair but if you're wrong you go over the owners knee and get spanked for a full two  minutes...."
He froze up as he drank in the lovely scent....what could he do?
He could guess....but what if he guessed correctly....where was the fun in that?